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7 Steps to Business Bartering Success

Terreece M. Clarke March 14, 2012 Moxie Barter Network 3 Comments

women with moxie, women entrepreneur, bartering, moxie women barter network, moxie barter network, women with moxie entrepreneurEntrepreneurs are some of the most budget conscious people on the Earth. I suspect if put toe-to-toe with those couponing folks on TV, the entrepreneur would give them a real run for their money!

In an effort to save precious dollars, business owners wear different hats. They’re IT, publishing, marketing, etc., but there are times when it is necessary to hire someone with expertise. When money is tight what’s a heel-strapping moxie woman to do?


Bartering is a win-win for everyone involved when done right. When going into a barter agreement remember these things:

1. Define your goals. What do you want to get out of the exchange? Is it product, service or exposure to more clients/customers?

2. Communicate your goals. When you find your barter partner, be clear on what you want to gain out of the exchange. Want the product and link love via social media? Say it. And…

3. Get it in writing. You’re seeking a service and paying for it with your time. That’s an agreement that must be in writing like any other agreement. This way both parties are clear on deadlines, etc.

4. Make the exchange equal. People always want something for nothing. Don’t get burned by those offering exposure on a website with no visitors, for example. Likewise, be honest about your offering. Get the real market value of what is exchanged, negotiate until it’s comparable and of course – put it in writing.

5. Check the work. It sounds easy, but sometimes people are so excited they are getting something for ‘free’ they don’t take care to research the person’s previous work. Treat this agreement like any other and do your research!

6. Deliver on time, or better yet, early! This is an opportunity to develop a relationship and polish your reputation. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

7. Try our service. For a limited time, the Moxie Barter Network is available for FREE! We provide a piece of internet real estate on our site for those looking for a barter partner.

Signing up is easy – simply go to our Moxie Barter Network page, fill out the form and within a week your ad will be up on our site. Did we mention this is a FREE service for a limited time?

When executed correctly, bartering is a smart way to get the goods and services you need while establishing connections with other businesses. A few basic steps are all that stand between you and success.

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Terreece Clarke is the former editorial director of Moxie and has been a freelance writer | journalist since 1999 for a variety of magazines, Web sites and newspapers including Columbus Parent Magazine and About.com - a New York Times Company. She is co-owner of Clarke Columbus Consulting and director of its Writing Services division. Terreece holds a B.A. in Public Affairs Journalism from The Ohio State University. Follow her on Twitter @Terreece.


  1. Marissa April 5, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Being the owner of a small business my cash flow isn’t always what I wish it was. My first barter experience I had when I traded the catering of an event (I own a bakery) for some web design. It was an awesome experience. I love barterquest.com because you can really trade anything for anything on their site.

    • Terreece M. Clarke April 6, 2012 at 8:30 am

      Hi Marissa!

      Thanks for the insight. Bartering really does solve that cash flow vs need issue. It still costs in time, but when ou weigh the options, I think it’s worth it as long s you barter smart. I will checkout the resource you provided, also I’d like to encourage you to sign up for the Moxie Barter Network and connect with other women entrepreneurs who may fill a need you have.

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