Women with Moxie
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Many people would tell you that there aren’t many things more important than your memories and the moments that make your life. Those precious memories and milestones, when captured in perfect detail, can bring happiness [...]

Get Clients 2 Come 2 U Logo
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MOXIE Presents  our NEW Business Training & Development Courses! All of our courses are specifically designed for women business owners – to boost your profits and your Moxie! Our Spring 2014 Course        Click Here To [...]

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Brian Tippens leads Hewlett-Packard‘s Global Procurement Sustainability & Innovation organization. In other words, if you are a minority business, you need to know his name. Becoming a supplier to Hewlett-Packard may not be a part of your company’s plan, [...]

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Do you feel like you’ve found “the one” in your job? Do you wake up excited to work? Do you work through the weekends because you’re absolutely thrilled about the difference you’re making? Plenty of [...]

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If you take a look at the most recent President’s Report from WBENC, you’ll get a look into some great examples of best practices followed by top corporations. Dell places importance on measuring diversity throughout [...]


Keeping Your Focus

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I Own It

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Picture of medical monitors inside the ICU
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There are some instances where ignorance is not bliss and your business health is one of those instances. Not knowing that your company has high blood pressure puts you and your company at risk.  Not [...]


Are You a Follower?

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